What to expect on your African Safari

One of South Africa‘s must-visit locations, the Kruger National Park is definitely right up there with the Wine Route and Cradle of Human Kind on every guest travel to-do. The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s oldest wildlife conservations and is roughly two-thirds the size of Belgium. It is filled with amazing indigenous fauna and flora that would make anyone’s African Safari worthwhile.

Not only is it the home of Africa’s Big Five – Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and, Buffalo. It is also filled with various species of antelope such as  Eland, Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck, and Nyala.

In my travels, I have come to learn a few things about South Africa and what to expect when exploring this great country.

So if you are planning a Guided African Safari of your very own be sure to keep the following in mind:

1. Africa Runs on its own time

You are never garunteed to see all 5 of the Big Five and you can’t put in an order as to which animals you would like to see. The park is big and the animals are free to roam as the like. For this reason it is impossible to know where the animals are at all times. Sure your guide will keep in touch with the Ranger’s office to find out where some animals where spotted lately. But he can’t garuntee they will still be there when you get there. Which leads me to my next point:

2. Be Grateful & Savour the moment

If indeed you do see something amazing, like a lion catching a wildebeest, don’t just sit there staring through the lens of your camera or screen. Take in the moment and appreciate the experience.

These sightings are rare, and as much as you would like to share it on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to actually, stop for a few seconds after taking your photograps and experience the African Bush for yourself. And when you do share it with the world – do your hosts a massive favour and…

3. Tag your hosts & Safari Company

Trust me that your hosts and guides truly enjoy sharing their beautiful country with you. But as you know they tend to be a bit biased as parents and think their kid is the best, brightest and most talented. If you feel you agree with them please give them a shout out in your online posting. We spend most of our time helping our guests have the best African Safari of their lives, and that leave little time for actually capturing some of these events for ourselves and sharing them with the world. 

And if your experience isn’t all you feel it should be please could you do the following:

4. Contact them directly to air your grievances

I completely understand that you have been planning and day-dreaming about your African Adventure for months. But sometimes you find that it doesn’t all run according to plan.  You arrive at your lodgings only to find that the bathroom isn’t up to scratch and the tap is leaky. Or you drive for hours and see nothing but trees and rocks. If this is the case please chat to your guide or host and tell them what you don’t like – but can I also ask that you give some suggestions as to how you would like to handle the situation.

Don’t wait till you get back home to blast everything on social media or TripAdvisor. Firstly speak to those that could make a difference. They are mostly there to help you make the best of your time in South Africa. It’s really hard to gift someone with a complimentary game drive to make up for a leaky tap in the bathroom if your already back home.

And this brings me to my next point:

5. Remember this is Africa

It is rough and it is rugged out here. As much as your hosts want to provide you with the best of everything. It is sometimes just not possible. Sometimes in the African Bush you won’t have wifi. Sometimes you will get flies buzzing around your head. Sometimes you might find amazing sightings and other times you might see nothing. So remeber to:

6. Ask Question

Your guide is a treasure trove of knowledge – but the problem is they don’t know what you know and what you don’t – if you know what I mean! So ask them questions about everything and anything in the bush. You will be amazed at the gold mine of knowledge they have to share about the African Bush and its inhabitants.

7. Ask to stop

“Was that a rock or a rhino?” – Not sure? Ask your guide to stop. Or maybe you just want one more picture of that wildebeest grazing in the field. Ask your guide to stop. The guide is there to give you the best experience possible. And if it might be that your guide says they can’t stop due to time – go with it. Many times it is actually the case that there might be a great sighting up ahead that came through on the radio – but they don’t want to tell you due to the fact that by the time they get there the animal might have moved out of sight. Leopards loving doing this!

Africa is a wild and wonderful place, with many an adventure waiting for you. When you arrive, set your clock to African time and unplug a bit. Take in the amazing landscapes and beautiful diversity of the African bush. Trust me it is worth it!

Wishing you safe travels and a great African Safari!

Sumari – Guest Blogger.

{PS: Never lose you Wanderlust!}

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